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Based in Ferndown, Dorset, Arborcare UK Ltd provides a comprehensive stump grinding service that will remove that unsightly stump from your property. We can remove any size stump with any access using several machines available to our company. 

What Is Stump Grinding?

Stump grinding is the removal of the tree stump without causing damage to the surrounding area. Tree stumps are removed to below ground level or completely removed if required. It is one of the less destructive methods of removing stumps and you will save costs on tipping the old tree stump.

A stump is very often an eyesore in most gardens and will make your garden look more unsightly. If you wish to expand your garden and the options available to you, the stump grinding method is highly recommended. If you are unsure how to get rid of your stump, do not hesitate to contact our team today.

Who We Serve

Who We Serve

  • Schools and Colleges

  • Development Sites

  • Gardens

  • Commercial Sites

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Why Choose Our Services?

Stump grinding is one of the less destructive stump removal methods that our company can provide. Stumps, as previously mentioned, are an eyesore and can limit the options available to you and your garden. Once your stump has been ground down, we will add topsoil and planting grass on top of the old stump which will encourage new growth. The by-product of your stump grinding can be used as mulch for your garden if you desire.

Do you want to plant a new tree in your garden? Then we recommend to customers who want to plant a new tree in their garden, to ensure that the new tree is planted far away from the old tree and stump. Stump grinding will allow you to plant a new tree and will ensure that there is space for a new tree in your garden.

All stump grinding will be conducted by our highly qualified tree surgeons, all of whom are trained arborists with experience in providing a superb stump grinding service. We also provide free estimates and advice on all stump grinding matters.

 For further information on our stump removal and grinding services, call us now