Consultancy Service


Arboricultural Management

Arboricultural Management is of high importance and here at Arbrocare UK Ltd we work in conjunction with PBA Consulting. Trees are essential to our community and the environment.

What the consultancy offers

Thermal Imaging

Our team of experts use the technology of thermal imaging to carry out site surveys before any work is undertaken. We carry out a site survey of the trees and surrounding area for any protected or nesting birds, bats and other species.

TreeRadar GPR trenchless root locator

Our qualified staff use advanced investigation techniques to take the guesswork out of evaluating trees. Our arboricultural Management services are tailored to suit our clients' needs, who benefit from over 25 years of expertise.

Our specialist non-invasive equipment is invaluable for providing information about tree roots location and density.

TreeRadar and Picus Tomograph tree decay investigation

We now promote these processes over the invasive Resistograph Micro drill detection options. Because...

Large scale tree surveys

We use Esri-based tree data collection for large scale tree surveys using GIS/GPS technology, which allows us to manage publicly owned trees, as well as providing routine inspections to assess any maintenance needs and understand the condition of the trees. 

BS5837 based tree surveys in relation to construction

PBA have the complementary skills of qualified arborists and CAD technicians allowing us to complete detailed tree surveys for planning and development purposes, presented through professional reports. Coupled with the above specialisms PBA’s Arboricultural management services include Visual tree assessment through to detailed trees surveys and aerial tree climbing assessment. All of our services are regularly used for mortgage lending, tree subsidence and insurance claims, right through to tree protection applications and general tree advice.

 For further details on our tree services, call us, in Ferndown, Dorset.