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Hedge Cutting Services

Prior to beginning any work on your hedge, our professional tree surgeons will inspect the hedge in question and will discuss your hedge cutting requirements at length. Our staff will use their specialist knowledge to advise you on the best and most cost-effective long-term management plan for your hedge with fixed prices for every option.

All work will be conducted by professional, polite, and prompt staff that will show you and your property the greatest level of consideration. We will agree a set time plan for you and your property to ensure the minimum level of disruption. No hedge is too big or small for our company.


Hedge Cutting and Maintenance

All hedges are unique and there are many types to choose from. Our team can prune and cut your hedge to a desired shape and design. We will devise a specific pruning programme to ensure that your hedge looks its best all year round. Our staff can cut hedges of all heights and sizes.

All work will be conducted using a variety of equipment, including hand-held hedge trimmers and tractors with a side-arm flail. If you are having problems with your neighbours regarding your hedge, we can advise you on the best style to avoid any conflict escalation. Additionally, our company also provides a hedge shaping service upon request.

Hedge Planting

Arborcare UK Ltd can provide customers with advice and a detailed planting schedule that will ensure that your property has a beautiful hedge in no time. We will advise you on the best places to grow a hedge and provide you with a great list of options.

Hedge Removal

If you have a hedge that you would like removed, contact us today. We have years of experience in providing the best hedge removal service in Dorset, Hampshire, and beyond. We provide a complete hedge removal service that involves partial and full hedge removal to suit your needs.


Flail Work

Arborcare UK Ltd can provide you with flail work services for many different horticultural maintenance and site clearing services, including hedge trimming, mowing overgrown areas, and clearing hard-to-access areas like overgrown bushes and hedges. This technology allows us to approach them from the top of the plant and work down to the ground level.

Flails use a high-speed rotating drum with heavy-duty swinging hammers to break down the desired plant area and make the site easier to access. Our flail services are perfect for you if you need assistance with the following:

Flail Work

  • General Tidy-up of Hedges on Your Property

  • Removal of Overgrown Hedges, Bramble, or Trees Where Access Is Needed

  • Trimming Hedges That You Cannot Safely Reach to Trim Manually

As part of our dedication to health and safety matters, all Arborcare UK Ltd staff are sent on regular health and safety training courses. This enables our staff to keep up to date with the latest advances whilst helping to refresh pre-existing knowledge to ensure we provide a safe service. Every team are also trained in aerial rescue techniques should there be an incident whilst working.


Formative Pruning

Formative pruning is the name of the method whereby we prune small, young trees into a particular shape to achieve the desired mature tree shape. Formative pruning will promote growth in your tree and remove any defects from the outset.

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