Tree Surgeons Poole

Tree Surgeons Poole

Do you need professional tree surgeons in Poole? At Arborcare, we provide the ultimate tree surgery services in Poole, and right across Dorset. Where fallen trees can be potentially hazardous to the public, efficiency is crucial in our line of work. For these reasons, we pride ourselves on providing the most efficient tree surgeons Poole has seen.

Our Poole tree surgeons services

Whether you are dealing with an unwanted, dead, or dying tree, or simply wish manage the state of your tree, we can help. At Arborcare, our Poole tree surgeons are the foremost experts in their field and possess a wealth of knowledge to tackle your tree-related issues. Felling a tree is not as easy as it looks, and if done incorrectly could have serious consequences. Our tree surgeons in Poole are skilled at what they do, and our services will not leave you out of pocket.


Dead Tree Removal Service PooleIn our line of work, it is important to adhere to health and safety standards set by the industry. From care and maintenance to complete removals, our Poole tree surgeons services cater to your tree surgery needs. Read on below, as we have listed more information regarding the services that we offer:

Tree removals

Fallen trees or branches are dangerous obstructions that can pose a threat to the community. We provide a quick and efficient tree removal response service to prevent further accidents from occurring. At Arborcare, our tree surgeons in Poole fell trees on a range of properties using safe and professional techniques designed to cause minimal damage.

Stump grinding

Do you have a tree stump that needs removing? Our stump grinding techniques are a guaranteed way to remove any unwanted stumps that have been left after felling. Whether you want to remove any obstacles that may cause accidents or just desire an immaculate garden, our Poole tree surgeons can help. Our stump grinding services can either grind stumps into the ground or completely remove them.

Crown lifting, pollarding and thinning

It can be a difficult task to maintain your trees on a daily basis. When you call Arborcare, we provide all tree surgery services so you have less to worry about. No matter how small the job, our qualified tree surgeons Poole team will trim and reduce your tree to a more manageable level. Our Arborcare services can shape and reduce the spread of your tree through crown lifting and reduction methods to allow space to walk under the tree.

Pruning is an effective method to help any vegetation grow and last longer. Our tree surgeons in Poole are experienced in the art of tree pruning and can guarantee first-class results every time. If your tree is in a state of severe decline, our pollarding services will preserve the life of your tree.

Dead wooding

Trees are prone to dying wood in their bark. To prevent further damage to your trees when wood is dying or diseased, our Poole tree surgeons provide simple techniques to remove the dead wood from the tree. A thorough examination will be undertaken to find the extent of the dead or diseased wood and whether your tree can be saved. At Arborcare, we can remove any decaying wood from your tree to ensure healthy foliage.

Formative pruning

Maintenance of your trees begins early with our formative pruning of young trees. We help shape the trees as they grow using advanced pruning and maintenance. At Arborcare, we can make certain that these small trees will grow strong and healthy by preventing a disease from the outset.

Why choose tree surgeons Poole services?

If you are experiencing issues with trees in your garden, don’t settle for a second-rate solution, call Arborcare and discover what everyone is talking about. With many years’ of experience to our name and a well-established reputation, we provide peace of mind like no other company can. Our Poole tree surgeons will afford you with a friendly service and highly competitive results. In addition, you will experience many benefits that include:


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