Stump Grinding in Dorset

Stump Grinding in Dorset

Have you recently had a tree cut down in your garden or land? Don’t make do with an annoying stump making an unintentional centrepiece to your property, and have Arborcare’s professional Dorset stump grinding team come and rid of the tree once and for all.

What can you expect from our stump grinding Dorset

We know how satisfying it feels when the annoying tree on your property has been felled. Finally, your property can flood with light, or you can look forward to a leaf-free lawn in the autumn. Don’t settle for tree surgeons who do a half-hearted job; have Arborcare come and provide a full felling to stump grinding in Dorset service.

Our stump grinding in Dorset is a practised step by step operation designed to bring your garden and land back to full use:

Quotation  Stump Grinding in Dorset

We will come and survey the site to see how much work we need to do to complete the job to a high standard. We will then provide you with a fair price to complete the job, and discuss the process with you.


Initially, we will assess the stump to find out the type of Dorset stump grinding machinery we will need to use to most effectively remove the tree stump.  Our stump grinding in Dorset machinery can vary from the size of a lawn mower to a full truck, so no matter the size of your stump, we have the machinery available remove it.

Reduced to below ground level

During our stump grinding Dorset process, we will make sure that the stump is reduced to below ground level so no one would be the wiser. To remove the evidence that there ever was an obtrusive stump in your garden or land, our Dorset stump grinding team will cover the patch with top soil and grass seeds.


Finally, your tree stump can be turned into something useful. Our stump grinding Dorset team can use a machine to shred the stump to wood chips for you to spread in and around your garden or land.

Why should you choose our us for your stump grinding in Dorset

Our Dorset stump grinding is only performed by professional tree surgeons who have complete knowledge in all aspects of tree felling, using our machinery, and all the health and safety aspects that goes with the territory.

We make sure we train our tree surgeons to BS3998 level as paramount importance, making our Dorset stump grinding environment safe for both staff and client.  Our stump grinding Dorset team are sent on regular health and safety courses to both top-up and refresh their current knowledge to industry standards.

We can provide tree stump grinding in Dorset to a whole variety sites of that each have different rules and regulations including:

  • Schools and colleges
  • Development sites
  • Gardens
  • Commercial sites

With so much experience under their belt, our stump grinding Dorset team will never fail to successfully remove your stump.

Benefits of choosing Arborcare

Fully accredited by both qualification bodies and industry-related associations, you can be sure that you’ll receive a professional and expert service by our stump grinding in Dorset team.

We have a huge array of clients, ranging from contractual agreements with local councils to securing on-going maintenance work with schools and authorities. With that in mind, you know you will only receive the best stump grinding in Dorset when you choose Arborcare.

You can come to Arborcare for all of your tree-felling needs. In addition to our Dorset stump grinding, we also provide a full consultancy service, which consists of:

  • Tree inspections
  • Planning applications
  • Mortgage reports

Arborcare really is your one-stop-shop for stump grinding Dorset and more. From tree-felling to hedging, crown work to site clearance, whatever your needs, Arborcare can help.


We really recommend you look at our online gallery to see the extent of the work that we carry out.

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Don’t put up with your pesky tree stump a day longer. Contact Arborcare today to receive a fully comprehensive stump grinding in Dorset service.