Flail Work

Arborcare can provide you with flail work services for many different horticultural maintenance and site clearing services including hedge trimming, mowing overgrown areas and clearing hard to access areas like overgrown thorn bushes and hedges by being able to approach them from the top of the plant and work down to the ground level.

Flails use a high-speed rotating drum with heavy duty swinging hammers to break down the desired plant area and make the site easier to access.

Our Flail Work services are perfect for you if you need assistance with the following:

  • General tidy-up of hedges on your property.
  • Removal of overgrown hedges, bramble or trees where access is needed.
  • Trimming hedges where you cannot safely reach to trim manually.

As part of our dedication to health and safety matters, all Arborcare staff are sent on regular health and safety training courses. This enables our staff to keep up to date with the latest advances whilst helping to refresh pre-existing knowledge to ensure we provide a safe service. Every team at Arborcare is also trained in aerial rescue techniques should there be an incident whilst working.

For more information about our Health and Safety regulations and procedures, please visit our About Us page by clicking here.

Flail Work Dorset And Hampshire