Crown Work

At Arborcare, we provide our customers a wide range of crown work services for your trees. On every tree service we provide, our customers can expect that we will supply qualified tree surgeons with experience to conduct a superb service. At Arborcare, we have established a reputation due to the quality and breadth of our services. So whether you require crown lifting, crown reduction or crown thinning, it will be conducted according to our strict health and safety policies, and we work to the British 3998 standard.

Prior to providing a crown tree service, our tree surgeons will carry out a lengthy inspection of the tree(s) in question and ensure that the service you require will have any effect. During this inspection, we will inspect to see if your tree is in a good condition and which tree service you may require. This could be either crown thinning, crown lifting or crown reduction.

We provide the following crown tree services for your property:

Crown Lifting

Crown lifting is the name given to the process in which the lower smaller branches of the designated tree are systematically removed. This will provide clearance for the following: buildings, highway regulations including pedestrians and vehicles. The end result of crown lifting is a tree with a more uniform looking appearance and less tangled looking. So if you are dedicated to ensuring your property is well maintained, crown lifting is a great option.

During the removal of the branches, our tree surgeons will not remove large branches from the tree as this will have a detrimental effect on the trees healthy growth and doing so wounds the tree. Another benefit of crown lifting is that it allows more light to pass through the tree affected.

Crown Reduction

Crown reduction will decrease the height and spread of the tree’s crown. If your tree is suffering from dieback or going into decline, an overall crown reduction will increase the appearance and safety of your tree.
When our expert team of tree surgeons conduct crown reduction on your tree(s), they will specifically target the end of the branches. This will give the tree a reduced but natural look and maintain its shape.

If your tree has overgrown its area, crown reduction will have a significant positive impact on the growth of the tree. Another benefit of crown reduction is that it will release the stress impacting the branches if the tree has become too heavy and overgrown.

At Arborcare, we recommend that crown reduction is not practised on healthy trees as this will have detrimental effects on the health of the tree.

Crown Thinning

Crown thinning is a method that targets the foliage of the tree in question. By selecting this service, Arborcare will reduce the foliage density on the specific tree by removing small and secondary live branches. Also included within our crown thinning service is the cleaning of your crown. Crown thinning will not affect the overall shape of the tree. It will also minimise the weight of heavy limbs without affecting the shape of the tree.

A benefit of selecting crown thinning is that it will allow more light to pass through your tree which can be beneficial if you have plants that are struggling to grow due to a lack of light. Another benefit of our crown thinning service is that wind resistance will be reduced, and the tree’s form will also see improvements.

Dead Wooding

Dead wooding is the removal of dead or dying branches throughout the crown. A benefit of dead wooding is that it will make your tree safer and protect your property, vehicles and the general public from falling branches. Another benefit of our dead wooding services is that it will improve the overall appearance of your tree.