Christchurch Hedge Cutting

Christchurch Hedge Cutting

Christchurch Hedge Cutting

Is your hedge overgrown? Arborcare’s Christchurch hedge cutting is an ideal service for you. We will conduct a comprehensive management of all your hedging needs including the cut, planting and the removal of your hedge. With more than twenty years in the tree surgery industry, our qualified surgeons will put our knowledge into practice through services that ensure the preservation of your vegetation.

Our hedge cutting Christchurch services

Our services at Arborcare include the thorough maintenance of your shrubbery and hedge cutting in Christchurch to varying flora species. No matter how small or large your hedge is, with our professional hedge cutting services you will reduce the overgrowth of your hedge and minimise the obstruction to your property.

You can rely on our surgeons at Arborcare to provide you with an all-round hedge cutting service. Our service includes the cutting and preservation of your hedge through the following facilities:

Hedge shaping

Your hedge is a highlighting feature that needs careful and regular maintenance. Maintaining your hedge is vital for the aesthetic appeal of your garden premises as well as for the health of neighbouring vegetation.

We have devised a detailed pruning programme to ensure your hedge is given the maximum care. Your hedge will look good all year round with a cut that is styled and sculpted to the specific shape you desire. Using the latest innovations in hedge cutting technology, the equipment we use will cut your hedge to precision.

Hedge removal

Do you wish to remove your hedge? If your hedge has become an unwanted obstruction on your property, Arborcare will provide a premium hedge removal service. At times, hedge cutting just isn’t enough. We provide the best removal service in Christchurch for hedges and trees alike.

We tailor our hedge removal services to your needs. If the overgrowth of your hedge is getting out of hand, we will provide partial or complete removals depending on the scale of damage your hedge is creating.

Hedge planting

A hedge is an important aspect of a property. It is a great natural barrier that protects the home and defines the property’s premises. At Arborcare, we have expanded our hedge cutting services to include planting beautiful hedges on your property.

We will prepare a comprehensive planting guide to advise you on an effective planting scheme. Our schedule is devised to give the maximum potential to your plant’s survival. With our care, you hedge will grow in no time, and you will benefit from the superb protection a hedge will bring.

Benefits of choosing Arborcare Beautiful Hedge Cutting Facilities

You can trust Arborcare to undertake a pristine Christchurch hedge cutting service. Having the wealth of experience in our pockets we guarantee that when you choose Arborcare you will be benefitting from the following aspects:

  • Awarded by Check-a-trade
  • Certified by City & Guilds
  • Chas accredited
  • Experienced professionals in the industry
  • Free no obligation quote
  • Licensed by local councils
  • Regular training courses
  • Work to health and safety guidance BS3998

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